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When you’re not ready to settle down, or not yet ready to invest, renting is the way to go. iNet Realty is a trusted resource for rentals whether they be annual rentals, short term rentals or even vacation rentals. Trust us that your perfect rental property is out there waiting for you to sign a lease and move on in. Renting your next home has never been so easy — just contact us today, tell us your specifications and watch as we find your future!

Our Services

  1. Walk through, inspection and evaluation of property to determine market rent.

  2. Advertise property through MLS, Military and internet media.

  3. Make arrangements to show unit to prospective tenants.

  4. Receive and process Rental Applications.

  5. Screen applicants by doing credit and background checks, employment verification and current and former landlord references.

  6. Enter into lease agreement as agent for the owner.

  7. Move in new tenants and do walk through to make sure everything is in working order.

  8. Transfer utilities to new tenant when property is leased.

  9. Collect monthly rent and follow up with late notices for tenants that don’t pay.

  10. Handle tenant complaints and/or tenant violations.

  11. Coordinate any maintenance or repair that is needed to the property.

  12. Find and negotiate a fair and reasonable payment for work or repair completed.

  13. Maintain files through Property Management software for owners and tenants.

  14. Maintain financial records on each unit for both revenue and expenditures.

  15. Give access to owners through Property Management software detailed statements of all income and expenses.

  16. Negotiate lease renewals and rent increases on a timely basis.

  17. Inspect properties on a quarterly basis to make sure property is in good condition.

  18. Handle move out of lease end tenants along with final walk through.

  19. Make sure any expenses are paid prior to issuing Security Deposit Refund.

  20. Transfer of utilities to iNet Realty when unit becomes vacant.

  21. Itemize list of repairs needed along with cost to render vacant units market ready.

  22. Communicate and correspondence with owners anything that is related to their property.

  23. Issue Form 1099 to owner at the end of each year reflecting gross income collected.

  24. Payment of GET Taxes

  25. Payment of Utility bills

  26. Payment of Property Taxes

  27. Payment of AOAO Fees

  28. Payment of any mortgage payments

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